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My hope is to become a part of your village of support, through my words of encouragement, reminders, and, being one of your greatest cheerleaders as you journey through this life. 


Among the various services offered at deardanelle here are a few:

Tips for Motherhood

Personal growth

Self love

Meditation techniques

Character building

Mental wellness

Emotional health

Quick cultural recipes

& much, much more!


No issue is too complex or minuscule. Using these services will save hours of experiential trial and error, eliminate hesitation or distance the fear which is keeping you from taking action. The services provided will give you clarity and the tools needed and the most efficient and effective manner to get you there. 

Everyone doesn't have the luxury of a person that they may be able to connect with and talk to. This is exactly why deardanelle was created. This resource gives others the opportunity to get answers for a wide array of matters.

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1 hour call

After the consultation if you are interested in my services, please send me a message and purchase the 1 hour call. Allow 3-5 business days as I will be proactively working on the matters which were discussed.


30 minute consultation

A complimentary conversation is the best way to find out how my services can best benefit you. During this 30 minute consultation I will gather information about your specific concern and ways that I can assist. If you have an area outside of my expertise, I will do my best to point you in another direction free of charge.


The Formula to Making This Work

Throughout my life, I have succeeded in all my endeavors, but regardless of the many hours studying, surfing the web, attending classes, participating in Mom Groups, and watching examples of successful mothers, none of these prepared me for motherhood. I was "born again" the day I became a mother; learning and growing in all aspects of motherhood, becoming more aware of strengths I never realized I had. Unfortunately, along with these strengths came insecurities, life stressors, layers and colors of emotions, and a vulnerable inner cry for help that was a new experience for me. Over and over again we have heard the old adage, "It takes a village to raise a child". I agree! Where is the village to support mothers? The role of a mother is one of the most rewarding and difficult career paths a woman will ever choose. I am not an expert, but just like you, I am a mother trying to figure this out day by day. My two beautiful daughters who are the light of my life, are constantly teaching and perfecting me in every manner of maturity. 



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    "I asked deardanelle about an easy but fancy dinner I could cook to impress my in laws, the curry chicken recipe was a hit!"

    "deardanelle was very personable and responded quickly to my questions. I had to place her on hold a few times due to my children, she was patient and understanding."
    - Anonymous

    "deardanelle was very helpful in creating a scheduled routine for my 4 and 5 year olds that they absolutely love!"
    - Anonymous

    "I had the pleasure of speaking with deardanelle and couldn't be anymore pleased. She created a safe place for me to comfortably ask questions about quick and tasty meals to prepare for my kids."
    - Anonymous

    "My new slogan is  so cute! Very fitting for my online etsy store"
    - Anonymous